Zanzo e il “massive Biodyn blablabla”

ZanzoMy dear Friends – this massive BIODYN blablabla is killing me. Specially when i taste only strange, dirty wines that are simply not well made.. Or you live BIODYN or you dont.

Dont tell me, in your Ralph Lauren Golfshirt with your huge brandnew RangeRover and golden Rolex, just back from Hawaii playing a 18 hole course with friends from Japan, you are since ever a biodynamic winery.. You can pretty much fuck off!

I am really tired of this shit. There is also a wineworld in beetween making good handmade wines. There is not only organic etc on earth. Most of it, scuse my French, is just a bunch of storytelling bullshit!

Again: I think organic and also Biodynamic is very important and a good solution and a step ahead. BUT: only if ist serious!!!

Zanzo`s waiting for the shitstorm but feelin`much better now!!

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